Penfield (Penfield Technologies Inc.) is a company that is not supposed to exist, co-founded by Archy Wilhes, Fabrizio Beverina, and Marc Archer, registered in Delaware, U.S. Its name is inspired by a fictional company in Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Penfield is a failed experiment to bring Ivi (now KindyU, a spin-off UK company owned by Marc Archer) and Mood Organ alive. Penfield is just one of the hundreds and thousands of start-ups that didn't work out.
Since Penfield is a legal entity enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, it is now being used as a placeholder for Archy Wilhes (the then CEO) to distribute his own apps on App Store for the time being (before he signs up for another legal entity, transfers his apps to it, and files a Certificate of Dissolution for Penfield).